The Oklahoma Climatological Survey is home to all the weather data for the state dating back as far as 1895. The Oklahoma Mesonet has collected over 4 billion observations since 1994. Each individual datum collected is combined to create our extensive climate record.

How do we best make this large volume of data accessible and useable for classroom teachers? We know standardized tests and assessments are an integral component of classroom life. Interpreting graphs, tables, and maps are important life skills for every citizen. By presenting our huge archive of weather data through graphs, tables, and maps, we hope to provide teachers with a library of practice items we call Bellringers.

The library of Bellringers will grow as staff and partner teachers develop and submit new items to the collection. You can contribute to the Bellringers library by emailing with the information included in the Bellringer Submission Guide.

We hope these Bellringers become one of your daily "go to" tools and a cool resource you share with every teacher you know.