Daily Temperature change

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Daily Temperature change at an Oklahoma Mesonet station


During the springtime in Oklahoma, sunny and dry days can lead to big changes in temperature throughout the day. The maps below show the minimum and maximum daily temperatures across Oklahoma on April 17, 2018.




Plot the hourly data for Alva, Oklahoma (a town in the northwest part of the state) and identify the minimum, maximum, average, and range of the data for this day. (Hint: Use the x-axis for time and the y-axis for temperature.)


1:00 AM  48°F

7:00 AM  33°F

1:00 PM  86°F

7:00 PM  92°F

2:00 AM  45°F

8:00 AM  43°F 

2:00 PM  92°F

8:00 PM  85°F

3:00 AM  42°F

9:00 AM  53°F

3:00 PM  97°F

9:00 PM  79°F

4:00 AM  41°F

10:00 AM  59°F

4:00 PM  97°F

10:00 PM  78°F

5:00 AM  37°F

11:00 AM  71°F

5:00 PM  101°F

11:00 PM  71°F

6:00 AM  37°F

12:00 PM  79°F

6:00 PM  95°F

12:00 AM  68°F












































































































































































































































































































































































Circle the maximum value on the graph above and write the maximum here:_________

Circle the minimum value on the graph above and write the minimum here: __________

Calculate the average of the data: __________

Calculate the range of the data: _________


How do each of the values above, when taken individually, not tell the whole story of the temperatures at Alva on April 17th?




Answer Key

Submitted by: Dr. Chris Fiebrich
Source: Oklahoma Mesonet