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Dispersion Conditions and Winds

About This Product

The dispersion conditions with 10-m wind vectors map displays the current dispersion conditions and 10-m wind vectors at each Mesonet site. Dispersion condition categories indicate the ability of the atmosphere to dilute airborne particles (i.e. smoke, pollution, pesticides). Atmospheric dispersion includes both horizontal and vertical dilution of released vapor-like particulates. The higher the dispersion number category the faster atmospheric dilution is likely to occur. When conditions are poor (2) or very poor (1) vapors can stay concentrated for long periods of time. Dispersion categories are: Excellent (Category 6); Good (Category 5); Moderately Good (Category 4); Moderately Poor (Category 3); Poor (Category 2); and Very Poor (Category 1). The wind vectors indicate the average wind speeds (in miles per hour) at 10 m (33 feet) across Oklahoma. Arrows indicate the average direction the wind is blowing toward across the state.This map is updated every 5 minutes.