OK-FIRE Training Videos Now Available

Workshop training videos for self-paced learning of the OK-FIRE system are now available in the “Contacts and Learning Tools” section of the website and can be found within the “Workshop Training Videos” subsection. The videos, extensively edited over the course of a year, are recordings from the OK-FIRE virtual workshop that occurred over two consecutive afternoons in December 2022.  They not only provide a background to fire weather, fire danger, and smoke dispersion but also cover the various products on the OK-FIRE website useful for wildfire, prescribed fire, and smoke management applications.  Demos from the website are also included where appropriate. These online training videos are best viewed at 1080p (HD) resolution, which can be selected in the Settings section located on the bottom menu bar of the YouTube video screen.

These eight videos, ranging from 19 to 44 minutes each, are listed in the order in which the various topical sections have been presented in recent OK-FIRE workshops:

Tour of the OK-FIRE Website

Fire Weather (Part 1)

Fire Weather (Part 2)

Smoke Management and Prescribed Fire

Fire Danger (Part 1)

Fire Danger (Part 2)

Operational Fire Danger Assessment

Fire Detection by Satellite and Radar

The particular topics covered within each training video appear in the title slide starting each video.

These videos can also be accessed directly on YouTube at: list=PL2VlKFPTIGuTKkrqCtJQgzuk4v7nvX3SD

It is our hope that these videos will prove useful to both new and established users of OK-FIRE, allowing viewers to proceed at their own learning pace. They also provide an alternative learning opportunity for those who have not attended a training workshop in the past or are unable to attend one in the future.