New Training Materials for OK-FIRE Released

Because of Covid-19 we are not having in-person OK-FIRE workshops this year and probably into part of next year as well.  Regardless, we need to make training materials available on the website not only this year but also in future years, so current and potential OK-FIRE users can access learning materials at their convenience.

The best solution (and we will be working toward that end) would be to have OK-FIRE video training "modules" in which the presentation slides and website demos are explained verbally, but those videos will take some time to develop. 

In the meantime, we have updated past workshop presentations in accord with the new satellite and fuel model methodology (i.e., the new fire danger model) that went public on OK-FIRE in early June 2020.  Unfortunately, in these workshop PDF documents we cannot do the website demos and animations nor answer questions as we would do in a live class.  We have also uploaded three lab exercises to help familiarize the user with the website.  All these appear in the "Workshop Presentations and Lab Exercises" subsection within the "Contacts and Learning Tools" section of the OK-FIRE website. 

In addition, we have revised some of the documents in the "Website and Product Overview" and "OK-FIRE Basics" subsections per the new fire danger model and also created two documents on the new fire danger model and the dispersion model which can be found in the "Website and Product Overview" subsection: "Oklahoma Fire Danger Model" and "Oklahoma Dispersion Model".

Hopefully these new training materials can and will be helpful to OK-FIRE users, both to those new to the system as well as to those who have used the system for years.  Regardless of where you stand as a user, we would recommend looking at those new and revised materials that pertain to the new fire danger model so you can understand the new satellite and fuel model methodology we are now using. 

Dr. J. D. Carlson

OK-FIRE Program Manager

Oklahoma State University