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Drift Risk Advisor

Step 1: Select your closest Mesonet site.
Step 2: Select your request type
Request Type
Step 3: Select a time period
Data Range End Date/Time
  • Results will be shown for the data range before this date and time.
  • The current date and time will be used if no value is entered
Step 4: Set the limits according to your product label.
* Indicates required fields
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
Average Wind Speed* (mph)
Minimum average wind speed in miles per hour
Maximum average wind speed in miles per hour
Air Temperature (°F)
Minimum air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
Maximum air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
1-hr Rainfall (in.)
Maximum one-hour rainfall in inches

Step 5: Select wind directions to be avoided by clicking inside the circle.
The Drift Risk Advisor is a weather-based forecast tool for planning spray applications. It does not replace the best judgement of the applicator or applicator responsibility to follow label restrictions due to actual field conditions.