Spring 2022 Mesonet OK-First Classes

Spring 2022 OK-First classes for public safety officials are now open for enrollment! We will be offering a mix of in-person and online classes with the online classes being self-paced. Here are the classes we will be offering:

  • 5 In-person Re-certification classes (1 day classes)
  • 2 Online Re-certification classes (2 weeks to complete)
  • 1 In-person Certification class (4 day class)
  • 1 Online Certification class (6 weeks to complete)

If you are currently an OK-First participant go to https://learn.mesonet.org and sign in with your OK-First account to enroll in a Spring 2022 class. If you are a public safety official and are interested in joining the Oklahoma Mesonet's OK-First program, please visit our eligibility and how to join page for more information. OK-First provides FREE training and password-protected access to weather visualization tools including software and a webpage.

Please contact us at okfirst@mesonet.org with any questions.