Classes Offered


OK-First Certification Class

The OK-First Certification class is a free 4-day class held at the National Weather Center in Norman. The class is also offered as a 6-week self-paced online class. Six Certification classes are offered each year including two in-person sessions (once in the spring and once in the fall) and four self-paced online sessions. The Certification class is open to public safety officials wanting to become OK-First Certified. This class is not open to the public. Certification classes feature a mix of presentations by meteorologists, hands-on data interpretation labs, tours, and other activities.

Class objectives are to:

  • Introduce participants to the Oklahoma Mesonet, OK-First, National Weather Service, and the broader weather enterprise
  • Educate participants on basic weather fundamentals
  • Educate participants on the ingredients needed for severe storms, heavy rainfall, fire weather, and winter storms as well as the products to prepare for and monitor them
  • Establish a strong working knowledge of basic radar principles, limitations, products, and applications
  • Build proficiency for confident use of the OK-First website and tools

The Oklahoma Mesonet is able to provide a limited number of attendees with travel support to the class (per diem and hotel). Agencies must be located 60 or more miles away from Norman to be eligible.

The OK-First Certification class is worth 24 hours of Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) credit for participating officials.

OK-First Re-certification Class

The OK-First Re-certification class is a free 1-day refresher class held at locations across Oklahoma. The class is also offered as a 2-week self-paced online class. Approximately 10 re-certification classes are held each year and occur during late winter and late summer.

The purpose of the OK-First Re-certification class is to provide certified OK-First participants with continuing education opportunities. Unlike the OK-First Certification class, training content in Re-certification classes changes from year to year and can include topics such as: training on new tools/websites, re-visiting fundamental topics, training on new weather data/radar products, applying concepts to recent weather events, and more.

All OK-First members are required to take a OK-First Re-certification class no less than once every 24 months. Failure to comply with this training requirement results in a loss of certification and OK-First data access.

OK-First Re-certification classes are worth 6 hours of Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) credit for participating officials.