Eligibility and How to Join


Eligibility Requirements

In order to join OK-First, participants must be employed by, appointed to, or be an official volunteer of an eligible agency. Eligible agencies include:

  • Local/municipal, state, regional, tribal, or federal government agencies,
  • Schools (K12 and university), and
  • Non-profit disaster relief agencies (e.g., Red Cross).

Due to the nature of the funding that supports this program, for-profit entities are not eligible to participate in OK-First.

OK-First Certification Levels

OK-First offers two certification levels:

  • OK-First Certified
  • OK-First Assistant Certified

Each agency participating in OK-First is required to have at least 1 active participant at the OK-First Certified level. Please see the OK-First Participant Agreement for more details on eligibility, training requirements, testing, and access privileges for the two certification levels.

How Do I Become OK-First Certified or Assistant Certified?

For an individual to become OK-First Certified or Assistant Certified you must work for an eligible agency and complete the following:

  • Register as a new OK-First member (if you've done this before don't do it again - please email us instead okfirst@mesonet.org)
  • Review the OK-First Participant Agreement, complete the final page, and return the final page to OK-First by scan/email or fax (see final page for instructions)
  • Allow OK-First several business days to review your information, approve your participation, and send you enrollment instructions
  • Enroll in the OK-First Certification or Assistant Certification Course at http://learn.mesonet.org (pending available courses and space)
  • Pass the OK-First Certification or Assistant Certification Test with a 70% or higher

Maintaining Certification

To maintain OK-First certification, OK-First participants must attend and pass re-certification courses:

  • No less than once every 18 months for OK-First Certified participants
  • No less than once every 24 month for OK-First Assistant Certified participants

Failure to uphold these training requirements will result in a loss of OK-First certification and data access.