Statistical Data

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Mar 22, 2018 (since 1:00 am CDT)

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* These values represent statistics for the day in progress. They do NOT represent final daily values.

Class Parameter Value Time
Air Temperature Maximum Temperature 52°F 2:15 am
Minimum Temperature 50°F 1:30 am
Average Temperature 51°F
Dewpoint Temperature Maximum Dewpoint Temperature 32°F 1:35 am
Minimum Dewpoint Temperature 32°F 1:05 am
Average Dewpoint Temperature 32°F
Relative Humidity Maximum Relative Humidity 50 % 1:30 am
Minimum Relative Humidity 47 % 2:25 am
Average Relative Humidity 48 %
10 cm Soil Temperature (sod) Maximum TS10 Soil Temperature 53°F 1:15 am
Minimum TS10 Soil Temperature 53°F 2:45 am
Average TS10 Soil Temperature 53°F
10 cm Soil Temperature (bare) Maximum TB10 Soil Temperature 56°F 1:15 am
Minimum TB10 Soil Temperature 55°F 2:45 am
Average TB10 Soil Temperature 55°F
Barometric Pressure Maximum Barometric Pressure 28.95 in. 2:20 am
Minimum Barometric Pressure 28.94 in. 1:05 am
Average Barometric Pressure 28.94 in.
Wind Speed Maximum Wind Speed 13 mph 2:30 am
Average Wind Speed 8 mph
Wind Direction Prevailing Wind Direction SE (70%)
Secondary Wind Direction ESE (30%)
Rainfall Rainfall 0.00 in.
Solar Radiation Maximum Solar Radiation 0 W/m² 1:05 am
Total Solar Radiation 0.0 MJ/m²