Monthly QA Report

Quality Assurance

The Oklahoma Mesonet’s quality-assurance (QA) consists of four principal components:
1) laboratory calibration,
2) on-site intercomparison,
3) automated QA, and
4) manual QA.

In the instrument laboratory, all sensors are calibrated to validate or improve upon factory calibrations.

On an annual basis, the accuracy of several types of sensors in the field is verified through comparison to calibrated reference sensors housed in a portable system.

To make a first pass through the 640,000+ observations that are received at the Mesonet each day, automated QA software includes numerous algorithms to evaluate the data received from remote stations.

Finally, the Mesonet’s QA meteorologists employ numerous manual techniques to complement automated QA including analysis of monthly statistics to detect sensor drift or bias (click on a month and year to the left to download a PDF version of a Monthly Report). In addition to detecting problematic sensors, the QA meteorologists trace the true start time of each problem so that appropriate data can be manually flagged as erroneous. The QA meteorologists are responsible for communicating problems to, and coordinating with, appropriate field technicians to ensure proper resolution (see a list of the current outstanding tickets below).

Current Trouble Tickets in the Oklahoma Mesonet
(For questions regarding these tickets, contact )

Station Variable Date Reported Problem Description
CLAY Rain since midnight UTC at 0.6m 2022-01-18 21:46:15 Sensor often stops recording tips during on-going rain events. Please replace gauge cables, and ensure expected drip test results.
WAL2 Wind Speed at 2 m 2022-01-18 21:34:39 Shows symptoms of a potential starting threshold problem. Starting mid-December, sensor commonly reports 0 m/s while WSPD reports near 5 m/s.
ELRE 229L Delta Temperature at 10cm under Sod 2022-01-10 22:55:10 Began reporting exceedingly noisy data last summer that has worsened over time. Please replace sensor.
WIST 229L Delta Temperature at 25 cm 2022-01-10 22:47:16 Originally reporting erratic, spikey values during rainfall, data have become overall quite noisy. Please replace sensor.
PERK 229L Delta Temperature at 25 cm 2022-01-10 22:27:23 Failed heater, starting and final temperature are the same. Please replace.