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J.T. Johnson

Chief Technology Officer
Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
Private Sector, technology transfer, and severe storms.

J.T. Johnson obtained both his B.S. in Meteorology (1989) and M.S. in Meteorology (1992) at the University of Oklahoma. After completing his Masters, he began his career at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, OK. In May 2000 J.T. joined Weather Decision Technologies, Inc., a weather information company in Norman, OK, to serve as Chief Technology Officer.

After graduation, J.T. worked on short-term microburst prediction using storm-scale models and radar derived parameters. J.T. now directs the development of software tools and systems to assist meteorologists and non-meteorologists with decisions about severe weather.  Following 8 years at NSSL, J.T. became a Fellow in the Excellence in Government Program.  In 2000, J.T. traded his government position for a chance to be part of a startup company in the private sector of meteorology.

"A typical day for me is managing several software development projects for weather decision applications. These might be for the public or for a safety officer at a large manufacturing plant who needs to be abreast of the weather conditions and how it might affect operations. My job is to both transfer existing technology into use and to create new technologies for products on the web, on mobile devices and in large scale systems for enterprise decision makers. So I coordinate quite frequently with other meteorologists and software engineers both at WDT and other organizations in an effort to move technology to a point where it is being used by the general public or cooperate decision makers.

J.T. enjoys running, traveling, watching his three kids play sports and cooking.  J.T. is a member of the American Meteorological Society and the Norman Sooner Rotary Club.