Study Tools

Weather, Weather, Weather! We are all constantly talking about the weather. We watch the weather report on TV before we leave the house and just before we go to bed. Our favorite TV program can be interrupted for hazardous weather conditions. As kids we watched anxiously to see if school would be closed due to snow or ice. 

As much as the weather impacts our daily lives, we don't really learn much about the weather in our science classes. These Study Tools are provided to help explain what goes on in our atmosphere. The activities range from quick bell ringers to full blown lessons requiring group work. The Oklahoman Articles were mini-activities published in The Oklahoman for the Newspapers in Education program. The activities in the Data Interpretation section were printed in Oklahoma Climate, a quarterly publication produced by the Oklahoma Climatological Survey. Learn to better interpret the data found on weather maps with activities on heatbursts to station model plots. Finally, who doesn't like a scavenger hunt? Help Mike the Meteorologist, figure out what he should tell folks on tonight's weather report.


We are evaluating and updating lessons previously available on the EarthStorm web site. Our intention is to link lessons here in the Study Tools section as they are completed. Teachers participating in the 2011 EarthStorm Workshop will have tremendous input into this process.