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You are invited to discover some of the university's most outstanding teachers and researchers through the OU Speakers Service. Faculty and staff speakers from a wide variety of disciplines donate their time to share with you the educational resources available at the University of Oklahoma.

Designed for use by business, civic, and service organizations as well as schools throughout the state of Oklahoma, the OU Speakers Service offers a list of speakers and topics from which you can choose, or the coordinator will work with you to tailor a program especially for your group.

The Speakers Service is administered by the OU Faculty Senate. Speaker's travel expenses and the cost of the brochure distributed to schools, civic groups, and libraries are provided by the OU Foundation.

The Oklahoma Climatological Survey and the OU School of Meteorology provide several speakers for weather and climate talks. Below is a list of these speakers and the titles of their talks.


William Beasley, School of Meteorology

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lightning, but Might Have Been Afraid to Ask

Phillip Chilson, School of Meteorology

(on sabbatical, and not available to speak during Spring & Summer 2014)

  • Weather to Fly: Tapping Into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Investigate the Atmosphere
  • Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Migration: Using Weather Radar to Observe Birds, Bats and Insects
  • The Historical Development of Radar and How It Helped Turn the Tides of World War II
  • Radar Observations of the Atmosphere: Keeping Your Feet on the Ground and Your Head in the Clouds

Kevin Kloesel, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences

  • Weather Forecasting
  • Weather Hazards
  • Severe Weather Safety
  • Decision Making in Weather-Impacted Situations
  • The National Weather Center: A Resource for All Oklahomans

Gary McManus, Oklahoma Climatological Survey

  • The Dust Bowl: Lessons Learned... and Lost
  • Global Climate Change and the Implications for Oklahoma
Other Speakers http://speakers.ou.edu

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